DUFFIES shoe refreshener: A quick & effective elimination of smelly shoes!

Anti-odor pads (2 pieces per set) for shoes of all kind: Sports shoes, running shoes,

climbing boots, hiking boots, children’s shoes, dancing shoes, business shoes, rollerblades or boots …

Shoe Freshener & Deodorizer • ODOR NEUTRALIZER • MOISTURE ABSORBER • without CHEMISTRY!

HYGIENIC FRESH with pleasantly scented DUFFIES.

Moisture absorber with natural filling!

DUFFIES: A quick & effective solution in case of smelly shoes!

Its well selected ingredients generate a TRIPLE EFFECT:

1. MOISTURE ABSORBER: Absorb moisture, thus preventing the bacteria’s lifeblood and neutralizing the bacteria structure in an environmentally friendly manner.

2. ODOR NEUTRALIZER: Effectively eliminate bad odors.

3. SHOE REFRESHENER & DEODORIZER: Spread a pleasant, fresh scent.

DUFFIES® are very suitable for shoes & boots, but also for gloves, sportswear, bags, cabinets, cases, cars etc.

With the Power of Nature: BAMBOO activated CHARCOAL and SALT MINERALS. Without aerosols – no silver ions or chemical bactericides. Ingredients fully complies with REACH regulation of the European Union. Examination “REACH conformity” in collaboration with BUREAU VERITAS.

DUFFIES are moisture absorbers & anti-odor pads for SHOES and more …

  • For shoes, sports bags, gloves, cabinets and much more …
  • Absorb moisture
  • Eliminate odors by pH neutralization
  • Eliminate bacteria’s livelihood
  • Supports a healthy shoe climate
  • Give a fresh scent
  • WITHOUT chemical bactericides
  • Just put them into your shoes overnight – done!
  • Maintain their effect for about 4 months, after which the anti-odor mission of the active DUFFIES is fulfilled and new DUFFIES look forward to your shoes & Co. Merken

DUFFIES are available in 6 attractive motifs – all with the same filling and the same effect!