If you are interested in the Sales of DUFFIES® in your country, than you are welcome to get in touch with us directly:  We forward your request directly to the distributor in your specific country!


Distributor for Germany:  Mangostan-Gold Ltd. & Co. KG, Berlin

Distributor for Korea: Raiders Co.; Soul

Distributor for Switzerland: Supair-Tel AG

Distributor for Austria: Pro-Serve Sport GmbH

Distributor for Italy: MIDEFA S.r.l.

Distributor for Spain: SWORKS OUTDOOR s.l.

Distributor for Czech Republic: TORF ZIEGLER spol. s r.o.

Distributor for Bulgaria: Sports Hackathons


DUFFIES® are produced by: marvida GmbH & Co. KG, Hammstrasse 1, D – 67227 Frankenthal, Germany

DUFFIES® is a registered Trademark  of Mangostan-Gold Ltd. & Co. KG, Germany


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