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March 2018

Welcome Korea to using our DUFFIES

By | Allgemein

Nothing is worse than stinking hiking or trekking shoes and damp-stuffed & muffling outdoor equipment such as backpacks, bags & sports equipment that – after heavy use – give a bad smell. What can you do there? What works permanently and in an environmentally friendly way?

There are indeed some home remedies such as citrus peels, essential tea tree oil, lavender, soda, cat litter or even the recommendations to deep freeze shoes as well as outdoor and sports equipment… This sounds complicated which it is also – especially in the practical implementation and daily needed use.
Ideal would be a product which is simply placed in the sweaty or moist shoes & sports equipment and then – via magic – absorbs moisture and odors while giving a pleasant & fresh scent.

This magic is now on the market, in the form of small fragrance pillows which works multi-functional as SHOE REFRESHENER, DEODORIZER, ODOR NEUTRALIZER and MOISTURE ABSORBER – all at the same time.

We are very delighted to welcome Korea as our new country of distribution where the great GERMAN invention DUFFIES shoe refreshener is available from now on.

Our exclusive distributor Raiders Co. from Soul is in charge of our GERMAN – KOREAN business partnership and the whole DUFFIES team is very proud and happy that from now on the Korean market have access to the real problem solver DUFFIES!

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Raiders Co. started already the pre-launch with DUFFIES and convinced right at the Olympics some Volleyball national player of the great function especially after sports. However a German proverb says “After sport is just before sports”. 


DUFFIES are a convenient problem solver on a natural basis and its well selected ingredients have a TRIPLE EFFECT (all-in-one):

  1. MOISTURE ABSORBER: Absorb moisture, thus preventing the bacteria’s lifeblood and neutralizing the bacteria structure in an environmentally friendly manner.
  2. ODOR NEUTRALIZER: Effectively reduce bad odors.
  3. SHOE REFESHENER & Deodorizer: Spread a pleasant, fresh scent.

Welcome KOREA to our DUFFIES team and great that you are part of our sustainable product story!

Your DUFFIES Core Team from GERMANY